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Welcome to Quadrip, your global hub for the finest fashion and personal style expertise.

At Quadrip, we believe in the power of personal style as a means of self-expression, and we aim to make professional styling services accessible to everyone, everywhere. We have built a vibrant platform that connects fashion-forward individuals with experienced stylists from around the globe, offering a diverse array of services tailored to meet unique personal styling needs.

Our goal as a brand extends beyond facilitating styling services. We aim to empower each individual to embrace their unique style and to feel confident in their own skin. As an inclusive platform, we celebrate diversity in fashion and strive to cater to all styles, body types, and personal preferences.

Our affiliate program is an extension of this mission. We believe in sharing success and fostering a community that is as passionate about style as we are. By joining our program, you can help others find their style, support talented stylists, and earn rewards for your contribution to our community.

This program is designed to empower our stylists and fashion lovers to not only expand their client base but also to earn additional income from their connections in the fashion world. If you’re a stylist on our platform who’s passionate about personal fashion and excited to grow, this opportunity is perfect for you.

What is the Quadrip Stylist Affiliate Program?

Our affiliate program allows you to earn a commission on any purchase made on Quadrip by a client you referred, whether they choose your (as a stylist) services or another stylist. By sharing your unique referral link with your social media followers, email list, or even friends and family, you can earn money each time they shop on Quadrip.

How does it work?

  1. Enroll: Apply for our affiliate program by filling out a simple form, and upon approval, you’ll receive a unique referral link.
  2. Promote: Share your unique link across your channels. It can be social media, blog posts, email newsletters, or personal messages.
  3. Earn: When someone signs up on Quadrip using your link and makes a purchase, you’ll earn 7-10% of their spending, regardless of whose styling service they choose.

How to Become Part of Quadrip's Affiliate Program?

Simply follow the steps below to get started as a Quadrip affiliate:

  1. Apply: Fill out the affiliate program application form. Once approved, you’ll receive your unique referral link.
  2. Promote: Use your unique referral link across your channels – social media platforms, emails, blogs, etc.
  3. Track: Keep an eye on your earnings through our affiliate dashboard. You can monitor your referral sign-ups, completed transactions, and resulting earnings.
  4. Get Paid: You’ll be able to withdraw your earning from the Quadrip affiliate account whenever you will reach £50 or more. The money will be transferred directly into the account specified in your application.


The Quadrip program has some pretty amazing perks, to name a few:

  • Earn up to a competitive 10% commission on every sale generated
  • Opportunities to run exclusive partnerships and exclusive offers with Quadrip partners
  • Regularly updated service feeds with a variety of new, on-trend styling services.
  • Cookie length of 30 days*
  • Track your results and optimise your activity to maximise your revenue
  • Honest support if you need help or inspiration on how to promote Quadrip stylists

To get started, click the ‘Apply Now’ button below.

If you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at info@quadrip.com.