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July 19, 1999

About Fashion Professional

Hi, I am Tasfia. A highly creative and reliable fashion communicator and BA (Honours) Fashion management and communication graduate with in-depth knowledge of trends, luxury fashion, consumer psychology and researching abilities from time spent within the industry; currently embarking on a journey to become a freelance fashion and / or editorial stylist through working with clients like you.

Since around 15 years old, my fascination with fashion has made a constant presence in my life. I have always implicated this through the educational path I chose to pursue, reading fashion magazines and blogs, styling my closest friends, thrift shopping and seeking inspiration from street style looks that truly resonate with my personal taste. Fashion has always been seen as a language of self-identity to me, and I believe every individual portrays this through their personal style. As a freelance stylist, my mission is to help my clients discover a strong sense of identity by curating captivating looks that reflect their personality, aspirations, and lifestyle.

I am grateful to have learnt so much through choosing to pursue an education in this field. I have developed a keen eye for aesthetics, a deep understanding of the industry, and a knack for visual storytelling. Whether it’s a wardrobe refresh, a special occasion, personal shopping, or a complete style transformation, I am here to guide and assist you in achieving your desired look.

As I am only starting out with direct clients, I’m offering an affordable service that focuses on building authentic connections while also helping me expand and enhance my portfolio. By taking the time to understand your unique tastes, preferences, and goals, I ensure that every styling experience will be tailored to your individual needs.

Please feel free to message me, Thank you.


2018 - 2022 BA (Honours) Fashion Management and Communication
Sheffield Hallam University

During a live project of my degree, I had the opportunity to take on a stylist role and collaborate with French Connection for a self - publication.

2023 Psychology of Fashion - Making Fashion Work
Goldsmiths, University of London