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Fashion therapist
April 28, 2002

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About Fashion Professional

you probably saw my bio and starred out of curious or confused on adding the correlation!
Being a fashion therapist is not just a cute name, I apply psychology principles to fashion to help heal fashion disorders.
so in simple words *I use fashion to heal people from mental disorders*
Disorders like body dissatisfaction and dysmorphia, shopping addiction etc!

want to get the full gist, book and schedule and make wise decisions!


2022 • Sewing and garment Construction beginners
The fashion Academy Abuja, Nigeria

Pattern drafting and garment construction Fashion styling Fashion illustration

Sustainable fashion
Copenhagen business school.
• Using fashion psychology to enhance your sense of style: social perception and dress
• Positive psychology: Application and interventions
university of Pennsylvania
• Dress for success- find your style personality
Fashion 101- learn design & styling-textures shaping

Work & Experience

03/2023 Content Creator and YouTuber

• Produced captivating and educational videos focused on fashion psychology contents. • Collaborated with professionals in the fields, fostering meaningful partnerships for content creation. • Addressed body image issues through insightful and educational videos. • Developed and showcase fashion therapy interventions through well researched and thought provoking contents. • Successful coordinated and collaborated with volunteer contributor to enhance the quality of video projects. • Explored various topics on the psychology of different clothing and color.

05/2023 Community manager
The modest collective

• Curated fashion dresses and beauty trends that was specific suited to the targeted audience • Devised innovative publicity ideas that resulted in a 40% increase in reach on Instagram and a remarkable 70% increase on TikTok. • Collaborated and partnered with various fashion brands, ensuring that each fashion show aligns seamlessly with its distinctive and thoughtfully curated theme. • Created digital mood-boards that was designed for specific theme for fashion shows. • Expertly composed professional emails to initiate collaboration with prospective clients, showcasing our commitment to excellence and establishing meaningful partnership. • Devised strategic opportunities aimed at enhancing brand publicity, fostering monetization prospects and driving sustained growth.