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Kristė Vagnerytė

Freelance Personal Stylist
June 17, 1999

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About Fashion Professional

Hi, I’m Kristė, a freelance personal stylist. Ever since I was young, I’ve been fascinated by fashion and design. Thrifting and remaking clothes have become my passion, as I love turning pre-loved pieces into stylish creations through sewing. People often compliment me on my unique style.

While I don’t have a formal fashion education or extensive experience, I’m determined to learn and gain trust in the industry. I offer affordable styling services to build my expertise and help clients with their fashion choices. My background in marketing and global business, along with my experience in fashion retail and platforms like Vinted, has given me a good eye for distinguishing between authentic luxury brands and fakes.

My approach to styling is centered around understanding clients’ individual preferences, body types, and personalities. I believe fashion is a powerful way to express oneself. With my attention to detail and understanding of aesthetics, I aim to boost my clients’ confidence by helping them discover their unique style identities.

As a freelance stylist, I’m open to working with clients of all budgets and fashion knowledge. I want to not only provide styling services but also educate and inspire individuals to explore their personal style journey. With a genuine passion for fashion, creativity, and a commitment to delivering exceptional results, I’m excited to collaborate with you and help you look and feel your best.

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2023 Marketing and Global Business graduate
Vilnius university

This educational background has equipped me with a strong understanding of consumer behavior, branding, and the overall business aspects of the fashion industry. I leverage this knowledge to provide strategic and well-informed fashion advice to my clients. With a blend of creativity and business acumen, I strive to deliver personalized styling solutions that align with both individual preferences and market trends.