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About Fashion Professional

Ever thought about a specific item or look or even seen something in a movie but couldn’t find it? I’m here to bring those looks to life. As a dedicated stylist, I specialize in putting outfits together based on my clients’ unique styles and preferences. With a keen eye for detail and a can-do attitude, I work closely with my clients, carefully listening to their needs and desires. My goal is to make my clients feel and look their absolute best, ensuring they leave with a newfound confidence and style.


Personalized Styling: I offer personalized styling services tailored to each client’s individual taste and lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for a casual, professional, or glamorous look, I will curate outfits that reflect your personal style and make you stand out.

Look Development: If you’ve ever had a specific item or look in mind but couldn’t find it, I’m here to bring your vision to reality. With my extensive knowledge of fashion trends and access to a wide range of resources, I can source unique pieces and create customized looks that match your desired aesthetic.

Wardrobe Consultation: Need help revamping your wardrobe? I provide wardrobe consultations where I assess your current clothing collection, help you identify key pieces to keep, and recommend additions that align with your style goals. I can also assist with organizing and maximizing your existing wardrobe to ensure effortless outfit coordination.

Approach: I believe that effective styling begins with understanding my clients on a deeper level. By actively listening to your preferences, aspirations, and unique qualities, I can create outfits that truly represent you. I pay meticulous attention to every detail, from color coordination and silhouette selection to accessories and grooming suggestions. With a positive and supportive approach, I aim to empower my clients by boosting their self-confidence through fashion.

Whether you’re seeking a complete wardrobe overhaul or need assistance with a specific look, I’m here to make your fashion dreams a reality. Let’s work together to bring out your inner style icon and create memorable looks that leave a lasting impression. Contact me today to embark on your personal style journey.


BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing & Promotion
London College of Fashion

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