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Virtual Style and Body Shape Consultation

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Service Description

Ready to create your own individual personal style?

A style that works for you, your shape and lifestyle?

Would you like to learn the secrets of how to dress to enhance your body shape and stop wasting money on clothes that don’t suit you?

I’m guessing you feel your current clothes no longer work for you. They do nothing to help you feel great about yourself, only the opposite! You’re ready to invest towards discovering your unique personal style, but are clueless where to start, let alone a style that accentuates your body shape too.

Did you know that true, effortless style can be achieved by:

  • Coordinating simple, yet stylish clothes and accessories.
  • Wearing well-fitted clothing styles that suit your unique body shape.
  • Only experimenting with new season trends that work for you and your shape.
  • Dressing appropriately for your age, lifestyle and occasion.
  • Owning your individual sense of style – let’s face it, it would be boring if we all dressed the same.

So let’s help you dress for your shape with confidence, all whilst remaining true to your desired personal style!

During your combined Virtual Style and Body Shape Analysis Consultation (hosted over Google Meet), we’ll look at:

  • Your style likes, dislikes and challenges.
  • Five typical outfits from your current wardrobe, to see where you are now vs where you want to be with your style.
  • Where to look for style inspiration.
  • How to create a style that resonates with your authentic self.
  • How to dress for your style personality, plus style personality questionnaire.
  • How to choose accessories for your style type.
  • Suggestions on brands and shops perfect for your style type.
  • Discovering your body shape, with advice on how to dress to enhance your shape.
  • Tips on how to look taller, slimmer, younger.
  • How to choose the correct foundation garments for your outfits (think hosiery, bras and shapewear).
  • How to accessories and wear colour for a well-balanced shape.
  • How body image coaching exercises can help reframe how you feel about your body.

Plus, after your session, I’ll create and email you a Pintrest board, full of inspiration for dressing for your style personality and body shape. You’ll also receive your style personality and body shape cheat sheets and personalised virtual body shape presentation; full of ideas for how to enhance your amazing shape, whilst being true to your style.

Duration: set aside 2 ½ – 3 hours in your diary.

Save £25 when you book the combined Style and Body Shape Consultation, as opposed to booking the Defining Your Personal Style and Body Shape Analysis sessions separately.

Information I Will Need From You

At least a week before our consultation, I’ll kindly ask you to fill in your Measurement Minder form, so that I can prepare your Virtual Body Shape Presentation in advance of our Google Meet session.

I’ll also ask you to send me five pictures of “typical” items and/or outfits that you would wear and those that express your current style.

Where Will My Virtual Session Take Place?

Prior to our booked session, I'll send you a link to a Google Meet meeting where we'll conduct our consultation.

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