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Wardrobe Review for Small Collections (50-60 pieces)

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Service Description

Reinvent your style without even leaving your home with the Wardrobe Review service, for smaller clothing collections of 60-50 pieces including footwear.

I will thoroughly review your current clothing assortment, guiding you on which items to keep, which to discard, and how to assemble your existing pieces into polished, chic outfits. Based on our analysis, I will provide a list of key pieces missing from your wardrobe, complete with example items, to help you round out your style options.

What You’ll Get:

  1. Comprehensive Wardrobe Review: I will sift through your extensive wardrobe, advising on which items to keep, which to let go of, and how to integrate your existing pieces into stylish ensembles.
  2. Outfit Compilation: I will show you new ways to mix and match your current items, creating fresh outfits you may not have considered.
  3. Gap Identification: Will analyze your wardrobe and identify missing essential pieces, ensuring you have a versatile and functional wardrobe.
  4. Shopping Recommendations: Will provide a detailed list of missing pieces in your wardrobe, accompanied by example items to guide your future shopping.
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Information I Will Need From You
  • Full body picture from the front and side: To accurately suggest outfits that suit your body type.
  • Pictures of all your current clothes worn on your body: To effectively review and style your existing wardrobe.
  • Information about your lifestyle: To create outfits that are appropriate for your daily routines and special events.
  • Your height, clothes, and shoe sizes: To ensure our recommended items will be the perfect fit.
  • Preferences on body parts to highlight or hide: So we can personalize your outfits to showcase your best features and downplay areas of concern.
  • Favourite and least favourite colours: To ensure we compile outfits that reflect your personal colour preferences.

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