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Online Personal Shopping

  • Delivery Time
    3 Days
  • English level
  • UK

Service Description

Tired of shopping for yourself? Or maybe you’re just struggling to find what you’re looking for. Sometimes when shopping we can get caught in ruts, feeling like we’re going in circles and not finding anything we like. Having an extra pair of eyes on the hunt for you can help! Through collaborating with you I aim to provide you with an outfit/5 items according to your budget, that can be styled together and interchangeably with other pieces in your wardrobe.

With this online personal shopping service I will be (according to the details provided by you) finding items to add to your wardrobe through online shopping, providing you with the links to the items for your convenience. This will either be a full outfit (including accessories), or 5 single pieces of clothing and/or accessories. Whichever you prefer! Alongside this you’ll receive moodboards and styling advice for the pieces, that way you immediately have inspiration for styling and the hard work is done for you.

To do this accurately, I’ll be spending time getting to know you, whether through an email providing the necessary details stated below, or through a 30 min zoom/phone call. Understanding more about you and what you’re looking for will help to ensure a more accurate and enjoyable experience!

Information I Will Need From You

Please provide me with the following before/during the initial call:

  • Personal details: Age, gender
  • Budget
  • Picture(s) of you
  • Style preferences (including anything you want to avoid)
  • Names/photos of style inspiration
  • Lifestyle and Occasions
  • Body measurements (height, bust/chest, waist, hips, inner leg and clothing size in letters/numbers, e.g. size 10/S)
  • Colour preferences (including anything you want to avoid)