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Abi Grizzle

Freelance Fashion Stylist & Personal Shopper
December 11, 1998

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About Fashion Professional

Hi! My name is Abi and I am currently establishing myself as a fashion stylist (including the fields of e-commerce, editorial and personal) and as a personal shopper and freelance copywriter. Creative expression is my fuel and I aim to create work/experiences that encourages creativity in my clients. Collaborating to make ones vision become reality is my main objective. Be it for an editorial shoot or for your own personal wardrobe!

My career in fashion started when I worked in fashion retail, whilst studying Fashion Design at college. During this time I received some visual merchandising training. Whilst studying at college, I learned the creative process of designing; creating clothing from idea to materialisation, and styling them on/tailoring them to models. This allowed me to work closely with the body and learn how to flatter it. It also taught me how to make the ideas that I may have match the person they were for. I took pride in exploring my own fashion sense and style boundaries, whilst often being asked to style my friends and family. I explored my creativity in fashion more and started a Depop shop selling second-hand finds, and a styling blog for students on a budget. My 16-18 year old self was extremely invested! I later graduated with a BA honours in Fashion Management in 2021. Through my studies, I became more equipped with knowledge on the industry and had the chance to nurture my eye for detail and love of styling.

I currently the Founder of my own vintage reselling company named Réut Studio (@reutstudio_ on IG), where I get to express my creative vision on a daily basis. Our aim is to educate as many people as we can on the growing concerns of the sustainability of the fashion industry, promoting mindful consumption and intentional shopping. All whilst providing you with unique, well made pieces with their own stories to tell! We look forward to expanding through more of our own designs and blogging content to educate people on this topic more this year. The photos in my gallery display the ‘Everyday Extraordinaire’ shoot that I was the Creative Director of and Stylist for, showcasing products from our store (follow our IG to see more and read more on the concept!).

I am very familiar with working to briefs, enjoy creating visuals, and love a good challenge! I remain open to more opportunities for growth, so learning more about you and being there to help you through your style journey is an honour!

Let’s grow together!


2018-2021 Fashion Management (BA)Hons
Nottingham Trent University
2015-2017 Fashion Design
City College Coventry

Work & Experience

14/05/23 - 30/06/23 Creative Director and Stylist
Réut Studio

Creative director and Stylist of the Photoshoot for my brand Réut Studio. The concept was ‘Everyday Extraordinaire’, exploring the extraordinary that hides within everyday and mundane things, whilst showcasing the vintage stock that we sell. It was such a successful shoot with an incredible team, baring beautiful results! Execution timing starts from the proposal date until shoot day. The aim was to create colour and style cohesive looks, that complemented each other whilst standing out individually. Creating striking imagery that could showcase how sometimes what may not first catch your eye can be made to stand out was the aim. The use of daily props such as a washing line and a mirror were to reflect how fashion is a major part in our daily lives, but also how beauty and extraordinary things can hide in plain sight or even in unsuspecting places. Photos in the gallery show a few themes from the shoot. See more on the shoot on our Instagram linked below.

29/08/2022 Founder
Réut Studio

I founded my own brand in August 2022. Whilst it's a vintage and preloved reselling brand, it's a brand where we create reworked and upcycled pieces. We like to make new pieces out of what already exists, instead of creating brand new items. Our mission is to create a mindset shift towards our intentions within fashion and our shopping habits. We aim to raise awareness of the truth behind the practices within the fashion industry, whilst helping you express yourself without sustainability guilt! We sell fun, unique pieces for people who like to "add a little Extra into their Ordinary". Self-expression shouldn't have to cost the environment and the workers behind our clothing as much as it does. Whilst running this brand, I've gathered experience in social media, content creation, styling, e-commerce photography and more. Our vintage clothing has been a part of editorial shoots, as well as the shoot Creatively Directed by myself (see gallery photos).