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Wardrobe Review & Personal Shopping

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Service Description

Embrace a fresh fashion perspective with Wardrobe Review & Personal Shopping service. This comprehensive offering begins with a deep dive into your existing wardrobe.

I will conduct a figure type and colour analysis, then meticulously review your current clothes. Will provide advice on which pieces to keep, which to discard, and how to pair the keepers into stylish outfits. The process culminates in online personal shopping, where we identify, curate, and visually compile new outfits tailored to your preferences, body type, and budget, complete with direct shopping links and prices.

What You’ll Get:

  1. Detailed Wardrobe Review: I will take a close look at your current clothing collection, advising on what to keep and what to discard.
  2. Figure Type & Colour Analysis: I will assess your body shape and colour preferences to determine what clothing styles and colours will suit you best.
  3. Outfit combination: Will create new combinations from your existing wardrobe to maximize your style potential.
  4. Personal Shopping: Based on your wardrobe review and analysis, I will find new clothing pieces online that will compliment and enhance your wardrobe.
  5. Visual Representation: I will visually present the newly curated outfits, including shopping links and prices for each item.
  6. Comprehensive List of Missing Pieces: Will identify gaps in your wardrobe and provide a list of clothing items you need to create a complete, versatile wardrobe.
Information I Will Need From You
  • Full body picture from the front and side: To accurately assess your body type.
  • Pictures of all your current clothes worn on your body: To effectively review your existing wardrobe.
  • Information about your lifestyle: So we can create outfits suitable for your daily routines and special occasions.
  • Your height, clothes, and shoe sizes: To ensure the recommended items will fit you perfectly.
  • Preferences on body parts to highlight or hide: To tailor your outfits to emphasize your best features and downplay areas of concern.
  • Favourite and least favourite colours: To create a wardrobe you'll love and feel comfortable in.
  • Budget for the outfits: To ensure we find clothes within your financial means.

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